Friday, June 13, 2014

Loreal Advanced Suncare Silky BB Face Lotion Sunscreen SPF 50

Ok ladies that is a mouthful of a name! I have heard about this BB tinted sunscreen, good and bad but had to try it out myself. I love tinted sunscreens, so snatched this up at CVS on sale. A lot of bloggers have said that it is very orange on their skin so I was a little leery. However, for me it was just right. It is runny after you shake it well as you can see from the swatch, yet blends well for me. It sets matte and makes a great base for further foundation and makeup. I am very into sunscreen for my face as I have damaged my face from my younger years. This makes me feel good that I am doing something good for the overall health of my face.

We all know that sunscreen is a must even when we are just running to the corner store and Texas has some serious sun and heat. I will definitely be using this more and give you an update as to whether it breaks me out. Loreal has made some awesome sunscreens in their time and this is no exception.

Ladies have you used this yet? Are you making sure that you wear sunscreen daily? Would love for you to share your thoughts! Sherry