Sunday, June 8, 2014

I jumped on the MAC Alluring Acquatic bandwagon

MAC lippie in Goddess of the Sea- a sheer medium purple creemsheen
MAC eyeshadow in Sea Worship- a golden light bronze
MAC eyeshadow in Silver Sun- a medium silver
MAC eyeshadow in Legendary Lure- a dark silver

Oh ladies, the packaging alone with it's metallic turquoise and raised "rain drop" feel is well worth the purchase. But it's the products themselves that won me over! Each and every one of these makes me so excited to use these immediately!!!! I was fortunate to snag these as they were the LAST ones at my MAC counter at Dillards. The girl at the counter was helpful and happy that she was able to get these for me. I hem and hawed about spending the money for these and almost missed out waiting so long. But here they are and boy am I gonna have fun with each item.

The Goddess of the Sea lippie was right up my alley as I love my darker and definitely different colors, purple is something I have worn for most of my life and this one comes out kinda plummy instead of in your face purple! Each of the eyeshadows are buttery, has great pigmentation, and the shimmer is not over the top for over 40 eyes. The purple one , I was told sold out in less than an hour. That is the one I wanted the most! However, these three are perfect for a great eye look and I can't wait to play around with them to come up with great eye looks.

MAC Alluring Acquatic collection is beautiful and is the first collection that spoke to me and I forked over the money :). I am slowly but surely getting a MAC product list in my possession and so happy for it. As most of you know this year was the first time I delved into MAC. I am super happy I did.

Have you gotten your mitts on the MAC Alluring Acquatic collection? What are your thoughts? DO tell! Sherry