Monday, January 6, 2014

Oldie but still a goodie!

Benefit Bathina silky glimmering body balm
Avail for $30

My very first Benefit product about 15 years ago was not makeup related but body care. I actually saw this in a boutique in San Antonio and once I got a good look at this silky yet softly shimmering body balm I had to have it. Of course this is a few purchases past the original balm buy! It has a very faint perfume scent, not overwhelming and doesn't trigger a migraine for me (that is hugely important!) It goes on with the soft velvet puff and when "buffed" in it leaves the prettiest subtle glow to the skin and makes a great highlighter as well for shoulders, d├ęcolletage and legs. Beautiful for summer and when you are showing a bit more skin. It is NOT a moisturizer but leaves you silky soft and sporting an ethereal glow that unless you see it in person, is hard to translate into film.

Do you like Benefit products? Have you tried Bathina? Have you ever found a product line by trying the body care first? Would love to know your thoughts! Have a blessed day, Sherry