Friday, January 10, 2014

Jergens BB Body Cream review

If you saw my earlier post you know that I fell hook line and sinker for the new BB body cream by Jergens and purchased this at Target for $11.99. Upon squeezing the tube, a pearlescent pinkish lotion comes out and has that baby powder scent, not at all unpleasant. I smoothed it over freshly shaved legs and clean arms and neck and decollatage . It goes on smoothly and takes a minute to sink in before I could get dressed. Honestly I didn't see any "blurring" really but a pleasant and smooth subtle glow on my skin. I felt like the moisturized feeling only lasted a couple of hours and maybe I am just really dry right now and soaked it all up. It claims to make skin better in just 5 days.

5 visible benefits for more beautiful body skin:
1)Hydrates and smoothes
2)Brightens and illuminates
3)Evens skin tone
4)Visibly firms skin
5)Minimizes the appearance of imperfections

Well I have used it for a week and although feels really great applying and then seeing the very subtle and pretty glow to my skin I have yet to see any changes. As for first impressions, it's ok, not really sure if I will repurchase. I will continue to use this and if I see something really interesting happen, I will be sure and let you know! Sherry