Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Benefit Lollitint

I love cream and stain blushes because they stay on longer and powder tends to show my pores and wrinkles. I had the original Benetint back in the day and it was quite runny. This is thicker, creamier and is easier to apply and also gives a bit more time to set. I also love the color, it can be sheer but build up as needed. The older I get the more I need color on my face and this is cheery and right up my alley! I can use it on my lips as well and put a clear gloss over it to not be dry. Benefit really nailed it with this blush/stain and I think it's going to be in use a lot :).

Have you purchased this yet? What do you think about Benefits tints? Would love to know your thoughts! Sherry