Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My little creative corner!

I have had this little craft corner for several years now. I have inspiration boards, quotes and tons of jewelry making equipment as well as scrapbooking odds and ends along with fabric and ribbons and oh I think you have the idea! I got hooked on making my own earrings several years ago, that and rings are my jewelry obsessions. Nothing makes an outfit stand out (especially when I am in scrubs at work) then a cute pair of sparkly or unique earrings. I was getting so many comments and compliments on my earrings that I started making them for friends and family and then it jumped to ladies wanting me to make a LOT more and sell them to their friends as well. It was fun and I loved coming up with more unique and creative ideas. But after making 100 pairs a week for a year, I lost the oomph and it became less passionate and creative and then just rote.

I got into my little creative corner this week over the holidays to straighten up, go through and re-arrange and I noticed that I had made 50 necklaces and 20 bracelets and they were just sitting there and I got a little nudge to play in my corner. I still love to make jewelry, I still love to get my hands on a new batch of beads and see what I can come up with. So, there is a spot in my heart that still wants to play and create. You just never know what that corner could hold for me this year!!

Do you have a place that is yours to play and create and be inspired? Even if you get one hour to just let your brain free to come up with your own ideas, then do it!!! I find it is very relaxing and I get a kick when that one pair of earrings just comes together like magic!

Have a beautiful and creative year! Sherry