Saturday, January 4, 2014

By popular demand!

After posting about my creative corner and getting comments about some pictures of the earrings I make, I decided to put up a small selection of some of my favorite earrings. Colorful, unique and in some cases big!! I have said before and continue to say that a great pair of earrings, pop of lipstick can hide a multitude of sins by pure misdirection. Yep, your eye is drawn to the beautiful earrings or that pretty lipstick.

Sounds crazy, but think about it, have you ever noticed your girlfriends cute jewelry or bright lipstick or bold brow and not even noticed that fact that she was hiding some acne trouble that week? Yep it works and for me, I like playing the misdirection game eapecially when I am feeling a bit self conscious that day.

Thank you for requesting to see some of the jewelry I have made. Enjoy, Sherry