Friday, January 3, 2014

Can you shop at Target without going to the makeup aisle?

I was honestly simply going in to get a few salad makings and some pasta and tried reaaaallllyy hard to slide by the cosmetics area (which is right by the groceries sigh). I had read several posts on the new Jergens Body BB cream and I love me some "blurring" products (hey I am 47!) so this was on an endcap and dang it if I had to try it! So just because that aisle had Pixi I wanted to get my hands on the new Flawless Beauty Primer. Next to lipstick, I can honestly say primers are my next addiction.

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream for all light skin tones) claims:
5 visible benefits for more beautiful body skin in just 5 days.
1) Hydrates and smoothes
2) Brightens and illuminates
3) Evens skin tone
4) Visibly firms skin
5) Minimizes the appearance of imperfections

Yep, how could a girl say no to that I ask ya? I will do a full review after I use this, so please stay tuned!

Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer in No 1 Evenskin claims:
Evens skintone, hydrates, keeps makeup fresher longer.
Packed with anti-aging benefits: Vit A and E

I kid you not, I have a minimum of 10 primers in rotation and this will be a cool addition. Again, please stay tuned, I will have a thorough review to come!

So are you able to shop your local stores without venturing into the makeup aisles? Not me :) Sherry