Friday, January 10, 2014

Hourglass No 28 Lip Treatment Oil

Hourglass says:
This is a lip treatment oil, hydrating, anti-aging. Formulated with a blend of 28 essential oils, plant oils and vitamins, paraben free, sulfate free, phthalate free, synthetic dye free and vegan.

Available from for $42 (yep verrrry pricey)

This time of year has all of us gals reaching for the best thing we can find to help with dry, chapped and cracked lips. Wind, winter heating and lack of humidity leaves the tender thin skinned lips really feeling the pain. I found out about this beauty of a lip treatment when reading the awesome blog First of all if you haven't read her blog, please take a look, she is awesome!!! Secondly, she is a thorough and engaging reviewer of a ton of products with swatches unbelievable! Now on to the Hourglass Lip treatment oil. She did a review and it was very shortly thereafter that I was in Sephora and remembered the post and had to grab one. Yeppers it is very expensive, however my dears in my humble opinion this treatment is worth every penny.

It has a gold plated tip that is great for keeping this product bacteria free. It is cooling on the lips when applied with the applicator and the oil itself is more along the lines of a thin jelly. It is not runny but it does sit on the lips for a few minutes before sinking in and to me it is soothing and hydrating and long lasting. I generally use this before bed as it is more apt to help in the long term and I want to keep it on as long as possible! The push button applicator on the side of the gold plated tip ensures that it doesn't ooze out or have product lost. It dispenses a perfect amount for the single use. I have been using this a lot and it is still dispensing product after 4 months and the winter has seen me use this nightly.

I have heard of some expensive lip products and haven't dared venture there before this luscious lip treatment. I will definitely add this to my re-purchase list!

Have you tried this or heard about it? Hourglass Cosmetics are beautiful and classy. Would you fork out $42 for a lip treatment? Share your thoughts, would love to know!!! Sherry