Friday, May 2, 2014

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primers

IN: Perfecting, Ultra Light and Illuminating

WalMart has quite the selection of Hard Candy products and over the years I have chosen a few products from their line as it feels geared to the younger ladies. However, they do have some awesome mascaras, blushes and primers. Primers are an addiction, as I have found that my face feels and looks so much better when I use them. My makeup lasts longer, which is a HIGE deal with hot flashes and general hot natured self. Many brands are coming out with different colored primers and correction sticks etc. that help with different problems with the face.

The Perfecting primer states that it minimizes lines and pores for a smooth finish. I have found that it indeed has a "blurring" effect and fills in the pores on my cheeks. The Ultra Light states that it prolongs makeup wear and evens skin tone. I do know that it prolongs makeup wear but do not see evidence of evening my skin tone, however; I do have variables on my face that are not easy to correct! The Illuminating states that it brightens dull skin and I can say that it does with its lavender hue to correct that dull look. It is not glittery or shiny.

All of these primers have a silicone feel to them and if too much is used, they tend to pill on the face. They do have quite the in your face fragrance when first put on and it bothered my migraine trigger pretty badly for the first 15 minutes of wear and then dissipated. If you are looking for a budget friendly option these are quite good.

Primers are becoming more widely available and there are options from drugstore to high end to choose from. I love having the wide variety to pick from and it is quite surprising that some of the options are so good for the price point! What are some of your favorite primers? Have you tried the Hard Candy options? Do tell ladies! Sherry