Friday, May 16, 2014

FOTD quickie

Products used:
Miracle Skin Transformer Face SPF 20 in Medium
Lancôme Star Bronzer Intense All Over Magic Bronzing Brush.IT Cosmetics Duo-concealer/highlighter
IT Cosmetics Mascara
Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick in Raspberry Rush (a teeth whitening lippie formula!)

There are days such as today that I had multiple errands to run while not feeling well and just needed to put together something really fast so that I didn't look like death warmed over. I had not used the Miracle Skin Transformer yet and as I have been reaching for multi-use CC creams this one looked promising. It says it is 5 in 1 product designed to Hydrate, prime, enhance, mattify and protect skin in one simple step. It did absolutely that and was simple to apply with my fingers, blended well and covered the dull face I was sporting! I then concealed and brightened up the dark icky circles , curled my lashes, threw a coat of mascara on and then used my brand new Lancôme Bronzer brush. This bronzer is just enough to warm up my face and has a little shimmer to help brighten as well. I used a couple of dots of the Revlon Skinlights on the inner corners of my eyes, my brow bone and a tap in the middle of my eyelids to wake up my face. I then applied a bright lippie as that will do more for my face than just about everything together! I had my brand new Clinique Raspberry Rush and it applies like a dream and anything that says it helps to whiten teeth and makes smiles brighter is absolutely fine with me!

This was a 5 minute face that got me out the door and at least I could fake looking well even though I didn't actually FEEL well, sigh. My husband actually told me that I looked like I was feeling better, aaahhh the power of makeup to help give the appearance a much needed lift. I was pleasantly surprised that the Miracle Skin Transformer lasted 12 hours and only the 90 degree heat today and my hot flashes gave me that Southern Menopausal Woman Dewy look. It's a thing to be sure and nothing a little translucent setting powder didn't help.

So ladies, the power of a few products applied even hastily makes a difference to be sure. Yes I have gone barefaced lots of places, but today my vanity was taking a hit as I knew I looked ill and needed to change that perception and it actually lifted my spirits as well. Do you like the ability to have makeup to transform even the most basic of looks? I know if you are a makeup junkie like I am that you probably have your own story of that quickie FOTD that really made a difference. DO share!! Blessings, Sherry