Thursday, June 30, 2016

YouTube/Blogger Stars-My take

This topic may get under somebody's skin and I say "Oh well"! Because I have on opinion and that is alright ya'll.

I admit I'm addicted to YouTube and Snapchat, ain't no shame in my game. However, lately I have felt a little perturbed about some of those "guru's". Here is why.

These people are looked up to by scads of followers, a LOT of them young girls and guys. They hang on every word, thought and video and snap. Nothing wrong with that. But they also get star struck and idolize these gurus, without remembering they are human just like us.

They do laundry, clean the house, get their oil changed in their car, have pimples, relationship woes, work their asses off, have moody/cranky days and generally act like us for the most part. A large part of their posts/vids/pics/snaps show the good life, the good parts. And some get too big for their britches,  as we say here in Texas.

I have found several that are relatable, show the real life and don't think they are better than everybody else. I gravitate to those. The reason this has hit is I have a niece who thinks they are "better" than, heroes to be worshipped at the alter of beauty. STOP right there. If a "guru" is big and has tons of followers, most of the time it's because they worked hard and had collabs and yep got lucky.

No matter the star in the beauty world, there will always be hate, jealousy and cattiness because they are seen as people who "have it all". So NO hate, no cattiness and except that these people put their pants on just like you. They shop for groceries just like you. They made it because they had something to offer the YouTube community.

All in all, it's up to us, the viewer/reader to see the human behind the camera. It's up to us to talk to the young 'uns and keep it real. It's up to us to let said young 'un that just because they didn't answer your comment doesn't mean they are gods of beauty and wouldn't stoop to the lowly.

Yes, a lot have their noses in the air, no humbleness and think they are above the masses. That's about them and not about you. So, next time you get "star struck", check yourself and give a thought to how that person acts to the people who helped them get there, that's your barometer.

Many of them have sold out to commercialism and I feel their vids are commercials. Nothing wrong with that, don't hate, if you're uncomfortable move on ya'll. There's a big pond of fishes out there who still let the masses have the best of them. Those are the ones that make the community.

So rant over, I still will be addicted to YouTube and Snapchat and Instagram, because let's face it, a lot of the stuff I try I heard about from those "gurus". Moving on.

Blessings, Sherry