Thursday, June 2, 2016

My favorite Bronzers of 2016

Top- right to bottom:
IT Cosmetics CC Radiance Ombre Bronzer
Physicians Formula Bronze Booster
Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer
MAC Extra Dimension Bronzer in Aphrodites Shell
Bare Minerals Faux Tan

I am blessed with warm medium skintone that I inherited from my mom, however; the older I get the more washed out I look even though my blonde hair is getting darker by the year! Up until about 10 years ago I would just get a quick tan in the Texas sun and that was that. Enter my 50th year and the age spots on my cheek/jawline and my legs show the damage I did to my skin. Not pretty.

SPF became such a serious contender in my daily skincare that I wouldn't dream of getting a "quick" tan. But the loss of warmth in my face was quickly replaced with bronzers and it is so fun to warm up my face with a hit of color. These are a few of my favs in rotation and pretty much the IT Cosmetics Bronzer and the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer have been the heaviest used this year.

Sometimes, on the weekend I will put a tinted SPF on, waterproof mascara, bronzer and a bright lippie and be done! There are literally tons of bronzers out there to try. As I do not like looking oompa loompa orange I stay far away from the ones with that undertone. The MAC Bronzer tends to be a bit more orange in undertone but blends out really well. The Bare Minerals Faux Tan has some sparkle to it and although not outright glittery, has a very pretty sheen.

So tell me ladies, any bronzers out there that I should try? What are your favs? Do tell!

Blessings, Sherry