Sunday, June 12, 2016

Pixi by Petra Products

Pixi products are available at Target and there is quite a variety. There was makeup products first, now there is skincare! There are several items that rank high in my daily use and although they are quite expensive for drugstore brands, some are definitely worth it.
The Nourishing Cleansing Balm is new and I love to use this as a first cleanse to get stubborn makeup off. The Glow Tonic was a serious launch here in the states. For me it is more of a tonic/toner as I use heavier glycolics in my skincare routine. The Glow Mist just feels good on my face, but not all that for the price. The Nourishing Lip Polish is a must as I have dry old lips LOL. Again, there are less expensive brands that work just as well.
The 3 serums I have are, Overnight Glow Serum, Hydrating Milky Serum and the Rose Oil Blend. Unfortunately they are expensive and the droppers on all 3 do NOT work. Disappointed in the package. My favorite is the Rose Oil Blend and I use it at night regularly.
My favorite eyeliners of all times are the Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pens. The colors, pigmentation, ease of use and overall product is awesome! I also love the single eyeshadows, Boho Bronze and Bronze Beam are right up my alley! They are super buttery, just enough shimmer and great pigmentation. They make a great single wash for the eyelid on a hurried day.
All in all Pixi products are beautiful and Petra makes her brand well known here in the states. Yes, they are somewhat expensive, but certain items are worth it. Do you have any Pixi favorites? Do tell!
Blessings, Sherry