Wednesday, June 15, 2016

#Reverseyourroutine with Tresemme

Influenster product provided free for review. All opinions are 100% my own!!!
The Reverse Washing hasn't been a new idea but has gotten some traction in the hair care world. For me it makes perfect sense. Why you say? In the interest of full disclosure my hair is fine, thin, wavy/curly and conditioner is NOT my friend.
There has been several hair masks, minty conditioners, hair oils that I LOVE to use but have to go through several days of AWFUL hair until it gets its oomph back after getting conditioned. So this was not met with skepticism, because today ladies was hair washing day and into the shower I went.
Yes the Tresemme went with me. Simple enough, wet the hair, use the Step 1 condition and then I went into the washing of other parts while I let the conditioner work on my hair. It was creamy, smelled clean, no overbearing fragrance and felt good in my hair. Then after taking care of other shower business (I hate shaving my legs! but I live in Texas, shorts are a must) I then used the Step 2 Shampoo.
A little goes a loooonnnggg way with this shampoo! Clean fragrance, gel/cream consistency, lathered up and rinsed away well. My hair didn't feel too weighed down nor like it was stripped either. Again, for me the reverse washing just works and these products worked well with my hair for the first impression.
I air dry my hair for awhile before I "refine" dry it and it did not look like I had just used a very creamy conditioner. It was easy to style and actually looked and felt pretty healthy. I plan on using this system for awhile and am grateful to have had the opportunity to try these products!
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