Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Testing Face/Makeup Setting Powders

Setting powders can be dangerous territory as well as a great product. Why you ask? There's the too much, cakey face, powdery, dry look that ain't pretty girls. Then there is the soft, easy, light touch application that can work wonders for your face. Add age, mature and often dry skin  AND hot flashes and the dynamic can change again!

I have never really worn many face powders in my life, essentially my skin always leaned to dry instead of oily when it was acting up. The older I get and the dryer my skin tends to be I am cautious when applying. I get the fabulous T-Zone slick and in Texas the 100+ degree weather makes me sweat buckets!

Old school powders have been trumped by powders that are finely milled, wonderfully translucent and virtually undetectable on the skin these days. You can find products in all price points and brands and I decided to check several out and give you my thoughts. Keep reading!

ELF HD Powder in Hint of Tint
I picked this up for several reasons: inexpensive, great brand, pretty consistent reviews. I purchased mine at CVS. The hint of tint was exactly what I was looking for as a topper for a minimal makeup look, or just when I am wearing sunscreen for a weekend on the lake. I was surprised when I opened this; the powder was quite finely milled. Great packaging with a sifter top. In my hand the powder looked eerily red/orange and I was almost scared to try this! On the face though, wonderful light coverage and the color doesn't pull orange on me. I use this sparingly, it can get cakey quickly.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Translucent Powder
Leans a little to the expensive side, great brand, great packaging. This powder is very finely milled and literally just melts into my skin and "blurred" my nose, cheek area where my pores are more pronounced. Did not cake on me at all and I found that it helped that area to hang on to my makeup a little longer as well.

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Correcting Powder in Translucent
Middle of the road expense wise, easy to find, in a compact. This powder is portable, pretty sturdy packaging. I lean veeerrryyyy red in my face and this powder shows swirls of very finely milled color correcting shades: lavender, green, yellow. Swirled together and placed on my nose (worst area of constant redness) I saw an immediate brightening and correcting. Also use as a finishing makeup product. Gets cakey only after many swipes!

Coty Airspun Translucent Extra Coverage
Oldie but goodie and still available after all these years. Middle of the road price wise, decent sturdy packaging with sifter top. The powder is not as finely milled as the IT powder but disappears quickly into the skin. Can get cakey quickly on me if I am not careful. There is a huge drawback for me and that is the fragrance of this powder. It is quite heavily floral, powdery and although I love my grandma, the fragrance reminds me of an antique makeup table or perfume that would be worn. Since I have migraines from hell, I am quick to be careful about super fragranced products on my face. Other than that, I like this old school powder.

Ben Nye Banana Powder
I purchased mine online and in trial size but it was super inexpensive, travel size sifter top container. As I have mentioned I lean very red in my face and yellow helps to neutralize the redness. It also is great for my undereyes when setting my concealer. It is very finely milled, no fragrance and although it's milled well, it will cake up QUICK. This has been a go to, especially in the summer heat and through my hot flashes!

Tarte Smooth Operator in Translucent
Leans toward expensive, simple packaging, sifter top. Has Micronized Clay. Another great finely milled powder, brightening and no cakiness noted when using. Seems to also "blur" pores and fine lines. Fragrance free.

I am careful with ANY powder not to heavily layer on my face; however, I do use these for setting makeup, undereyes and random touch ups necessary. I did try to "bake" my face and although I noticed an immediate brightening and smoothness, it rapidly declined into the Sahara and wasn't a cute look. So I will stick to using these as needed, random touch ups and setting.

What are your favorite setting powders? Any experience with the ones here? Do tell!

Blessings, Sherry