Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Boscia Luminizing Face Mask

In my ever present quest for great skin, my skincare has been all about the latest hot topic: Masks.
I have sheet masks, clay masks, eye masks, lip masks, cream masks whew! In a VIB point perk I received a Boscia collection and this was in there and peel off masks are just so darn fun.

Now back in the day, peel masks were quite easy to peel away and kind of fun to see the yuck go with it, so my expectations were pretty much the same. First of all let me just say that this dries to a second skin! Really, it was melded onto my face and I ended up only being able to peel part of it before having to use warm water to get the rest off.  No fragrance to irritate my migraines, easy to apply. And it worked and it worked well!

My skin was glowy and my face looked clear and rested. Yep the new generation of masks are quite remarkable and fun. I have a larger size of this and will look forward to many more days of masking.

What are some of your favorite masks or skin treatments? Have you used Boscia?

Blessings, Sherry