Monday, May 2, 2016

Easy Spring bases with SPF


I have made no secret that when it comes to a quick face, I will grab the tube that "speaks" to me that day. Whether I want to glow, be understated or dewy these 4 product picks have been the ones I reach for.

From left:  LorealYouth Code Skin Illuminator SPF 20
Shiseido Urban Environment Tinted UV Protector SPF 43
philosophy no reason to hide skin tone perfecting moisturizer SPF 20
Neutrogena healthy skin anti-aging perfector SPF 30

Many, many days I am in the house and only out and about occasionally to water the plants, garden and take pictures in the sun as well as walk the neighborhood. I don't like to put on a full face of makeup on these kind of days, yet my face has hyperpigmentation and redness inherently. So grabbing a tube of good stuff to cover the basics lets me look like I actually have a healthy face!

SPF is a huge part of my skincare repertoire although it hasn't always been that way. Up until my 30's I just soaked up that sun without a thought. I live in Texas and there is no way OUT of the sun lol. When my hyperpigmentation got worse and I had 3 family members with skin cancer, SPF became my friend. So I started picking up the ones that multitask and these are the top picks.

Loreal Skin Illuminator is especially good for when I woke up looking like death warmed over. It has a subtle sheen to the white that turns into my shade face balm. It's weird how these products that start out white and adjust to your face tone work, but I'm not knocking it because it looks good when I need a jump start to the death mask!

If I am going to be out in the sun quite a bit, the Shiseido tinted UV Protection is the one I grab. It doesn't take long to apply, leaves a slightly matte but dewy face and the SPF is especially necessary. It's oil free and doesn't dry out my face. Even when I sweat something fierce, this just does the trick.

The philosophy no reason to hide is just an everyday running around the house base that makes me feel better if I have to answer the door and not look like a lazy crazy lady lol!

Neutrogena anti-aging perfector is new and I picked this up a month ago at my local Walgreen's. What caught my eye was that it has a retinol treatment in it along with the SPF and as a mature face, who doesn't want that extra kick of help!!! It evens my tone, dries down and doesn't move. Even when I sweat! It purports to help my skin over time and products that work more for your skin over the long run won't hurt my feelings.

Do you have that go to base for a quick face that multitasks with SPF? Have you tried any of these? Do tell!!!

\Blessings, Sherry