Friday, May 27, 2016

Alternate Uses for Baking Soda this Memorial Day Weekend

I love being a part of the community and sharing reviews and uses for everyday products.  I received this product free for review, but all opinions and pictures are my own!

Baking soda was that box you always saw in your grandmothers and mothers refrigerator and freezer. You never knew just what it was supposed to do but it was omnipresent throughout my childhood. As I became an adult and by habit, purchased that cute orange box to put in my own refrigerator/freezer, I knew WHY it was in there! But, let me tell you ladies, over the years that orange box of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda has evolved into some cool uses. Check out below for more ways I use my baking soda.

It's great to make into a paste and place over insect bites, helps take out the sting and burn by neutralizing the area.

Heartburn relief: you have  no idea how many people told me that this helped them more than the OTC brands!

Baking Soda makes an inexpensive and effective scrub for my face AND my hands as well as my lips. I pour a bit in my palm, wet it and use it as my exfoliant in the morning. It's gentle and the pH balance is just right! I never feel like my skin has been "stripped" or tight after using. Another great idea is adding a drop of Argan oil to the mix and it's even soothing! Placed in a cute snack size ziplock it becomes great for travel as well.

Baking soda is a great neutralizer and helps when my tennis shoes are a bit musty. I just pour some product in a cloth or muslin bag (as pictured) and place in the tennis shoes to eradicate the musty!

Many years ago I was told that baking soda was great on a wet toothbrush and helped with my teeth and my gum health. It's gentle, effective and easy to use. You can find lots of toothpastes with this ingredient today.

That nasty smelling fish cooler is neutralized, scrubbed and ready for the boat this weekend!

I always keep a box next to my stove because in the event of a grease fire, dumping this on the fire will help put it out!

Arm & Hammer has come a long way and now have products that you can use in your swimming pool (I don't have one).  It's an effective laundry booster, It's a great scrub for that nasty shower floor as well!

Be sure to use this link for coupons and more tips on how to use baking soda!

What do you use your Arm & Hammer Baking Soda for? If you have some unique ideas, do tell!!!

Blessings, Sherry