Sunday, July 12, 2015

Seriously Summer Must Have

Dove Dry Spray 48 hour Antipersperant
(green) cool essentials
(blue) nourishing beauty

Nobody wants to talk about sweat, odor or those "personal" embarrassing moments. Ladies, not only am I going to talk about it, I am going to rave a bit about this new "dry" spray that has hit the American publics awareness. Sure, I saw the Dove commercials, who adores the Dove campaign peeps that really get their message out about beauty amiright!!!! On to the pharmacy to pick up meds and I saw these in a endcap and hmmmm yeah had to have them. Now ladies, I am a 48 year old woman in the throes (seriously I used throes for menopause, dear God throes is passion NOT menopause) of hot flashing madness that is called menopause. I HAVE to have a hardcore antiperspirant and generally speaking I will get a roll on or cream deodorant and definitely skeptical about a spray. In my experience, sprays never lasted for me half a day much less all day!

Home again and I shook shook shook like they say and sprayed this incredibly smelling product onto my underarms and it dried super fast and yet I wondered. SO many hours later when I was in the middle of so many projects, I sniffed my underarms and was surprised that a) they smelled great b) they were dry. Wow and so the love affair and the glowing review followed. Its HOT here in Texas and these frickin work!

Summer staple indeed! Have you tried these? What do you think, yea or nay? Thanks for stopping by!

Blessings, Sherry