Saturday, July 18, 2015

CC Cream Discovery

L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime CC Skin Tone Perfecting Cream in medium

Many of you have seen my posts about my love for CC creams. I have tried and worn about 20, no joke! My favorite at this time still has to be the IT Cosmetics CC but that doesn't stop me from trying others. Now I was browsing E-bay one night a couple of weeks ago and saw this listed. I researched the product on the L'Occitane website and saw that it was new and I could get it cheaper on E-bay. I have several products from L'Occitane, hand creams, skincare items and makeup items. I have loved them all.

So I bought this and received it and immediately got down to checking how I would like it on my face. The tube is economical, sanitary and with its needle nose opening allows you to get product out efficiently and just the right amount. It comes out as you can see on the swatch, white. I have used complexion products that "change" to fit your skin and this did just that. Some of these products though have turned orange or gray or yuck. This one matched my summer face perfectly!

It has a very prominent floral scent. and with my lifelong chronic migraine illness that was something I worried about. Fortunately it dissipates quickly and all I had to show was a beautiful and radiant face. It is light to medium coverage, covering redness, age spots and dryness well. A little concealer on top and it was beautiful. It was perfect for a hot summer day and although "radiant" from its Peony flower ingredient it wasn't greasy looking.

I wore it for a regular day not a work day and it lasted all 9 hours of commitments and errands. It did start to fade over my nose and mouth areas, however I have had some allergy sniffles and wiping my nose regularly. All in all I am pleased with this CC cream and will continue to wear it this summer. It only has SPF 20 so I had SPF 50 underneath. Never to cautious these days with hotter and hotter summers and sunlight exposure at a maximum wherever you go outside.

What is your favorite summer CC or base? Do tell!

Blessings, Sherry