Saturday, July 25, 2015

Dry Oil Sprays

Shea Moisture Dry Oil Mist in Superfruit Complex $8
Ahava Dry Oil mist in Cactus and Pink Pepper $45

I am terrible at moisturizing my body and when dry oil sprays hit the market I knew it was just what I needed. These 2 were purchased at my local Ulta and after spraying about 10! on my arms and legs in the store these really stood out for me.

I am particulurly sensitive to odors and yet love scents that are different and compel me. These dry oils did it! The Shea Moisture is inexpensive yet very easy and comfortable to use. I have this in my shower so I can remember to spray myself down while still wet before I dry off. The Ahava is quite expensive but lighter on the oil and beautiful to use and smells divine! I believe that these will become a good habit and I may check out more as I research.

Do you use dry oil sprays? Do tell your experiences and let me know if you have a favorite that I should try!

Blessings, Sherry