Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lipstick Queen Summer lippies

Top swatch and tube Stoked
Bot swatch and tube Jungle Queen

I am an admitted lippie addict and love to wear all colors and styles. Maybe not matte as it tends to be too dry for my aging lips! Lipstick Queen is without a doubt my favorite lippie brand ever since Ulta started carrying them and I also love their website. I have obtained quite a few and wear them all the time. These 2 specifically get taken out of lippie storage and returned to their rightful place in my purse when the weather gets brighter and hotter. Here in Texas that is around May.

Stoked is a sheer comfortable peachy orange that is perfect when I want a little color and lots of shine. Jungle Queen is more opaque and the color is vibrant and cheerful. I may start the day with Stoked and apply Jungle Queen after lunch. Although I have to be very careful with the orange colors as they tend to make old yellow smoker teeth not the greatest color! I have been on a beautiful whitening regiment for my teeth with my dentist and products that are over the counter so I can be a little more comfortable in these colors.

Do you have lippies that are reserved for summer? What are some of your favs? Do you love Lipstick Queen? Do tell!

Blessings, Sherry