Saturday, July 18, 2015

Lip Plumpers and Primers

Pixi Lip Lift Max
Stila Lush Lips water plumping primer

I make no bones about my age or the state of my face and the aging that is happening. Lotta hours worrying over stuff I can't change and flipped that to time spent on enhancing and loving what I do have! I smoked for years and ladies those wrinkles you get around your mouth alone from smoking can make you age very fast. Now I can't reverse em unless I get something injected, filled or pulled and I just don't have the time or money for that. Enter the beautiful lip plumper and primer products that give the appearance of less lines and wrinkles in the lip areas. These are 2 of the ones that I have (among others) and the Pixi was obtained first from Target. It is clear, sheer, a bit sticky and doesn't have that tingle but definitely showed some plumpness of my lips after about 5 minutes. It smoothed the lip wrinkles and helped my lippie to go on easily and smoothly. It doesn't last very long though and had to reapply several times to continue the effects.

Stila on the other hand, I purchased at Ulta and was surprised at how milky and thick it was when I applied. But here is the secret, apply it first after moisture and do your face. You will notice that by the time you have finished and are heading to do your lips, it actually is frickin awesome. My lips were smooth, plump and this product helped my lippie to last. Score!

SO ladies, what product do you recommend that I try? Have you tried either of these? And yes, I have been quit smoking a year now and am NOT making new lines, except to smile a LOT!

Blessings, Sherry