Friday, July 31, 2015

Cover Girl Eyes

The Super Sizer mascara in Very Black
Intense Me liquid liner in Intense Black

I was graciously sent these by Cover Girl to check out and have to remind all that the opinions are my own! Lately with the new obsession with liquid liners I was happy to try this out. I don't wear as much black unless I am going out and am careful that my under eye dark circles don't get worse because of liner! This liner has a small brush to apply, is very inky black and takes quite a while to dry. It is very pretty and yet smudges very easily. I am careful when I apply this and try to "dot" the product in my lash line for a pretty look.

The mascara proclaims that it will volumize your lashes 400% corner to corner and comes with a small skinny wand that you are supposed to "twirl" as you apply. I can tell you that this mascara makes the lash line look awesome and separates the lashes well because of the skinny wand. I am blessed with long lashes but they are thinning the older I get. This mascara did give my lashes a good "oomph" but not 400%!

All in all I like these 2 new products and will repurchase the mascara and if there are other colors of the liner I will try those as well.

Have ya'll tried these? What do you think? Do tell!

Blessings, Sherry