Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Too Faced Melted Metallic Lip

Color: Metallic Violet

Ya'll this lippie rocks!!! Not only am I a lippie addict and I don't play by anybody's rules, I try all kinds of lippies. I bought this to see what all the metallic fuss was about (and because purple is my fav color:). So I gave it a test run and ooooohhhhhhh. It lasts, it gives just the right amount of sheen to the lips, which us older gals need to make the lips look bigger. It is a tad bit drying on me, easily remedied, tends to migrate if I don't line my lips. Overall, I may just buy more of these and play, play and play!

I have several of the original Melted lippies and love 'em. What are your thoughts ladies? Do you own these? Do tell!!!

Purple Metallic lippie woman, Sherry