Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Toms Long Lasting Natural Deodarant

I was sent this for review and to say that I was skeptical is an understatement. I am a menopausal woman and sweat normally heavily so I believe in heavy duty antiperspirants and was leery of trying a natural product. Enter a day off, 105 degrees in Texas and testing began. The fragrance is subtle, it goes on smoothly without white streaks and has a roll up tube. So far, so good. Had to run some errands in the middle of the hot Texas day and upon returning home, sniffed my underarms and was pleasantly surprised that there was no funky odor! At the end of a 12 hour day, my arms were dry, the underarm odor was pleasant and I even got my husband to sniff (along with his jokester self:). Ladies I believe I have a winner in the natural deodorant department and will possibly repurchase. If it can handle Texas heat and a menopausal woman, it's a winner!

Have you tried natural deodorants? What are your thoughts? Do tell!!!

Smellin sweet in Texas, Sherry