Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ridding the face of fuzz!

Magic Razorless Cream Shave

Ladies, I have used Nair for years! and endured the burn to rid my face of the thick fuzz that makes my makeup look wonky. Yes, I have blonde hair but it gets thick I tell ya. Last night I reached for my Nair and was out. I remembered that I was browsing the clearance endcap at my local Walgreens and saw this and thought, "why not?". It was clearenced for $1.19.

So I reached for this and thought well it's the weekend, don't have to work and have time to heal if it burns my skin. OMG, not only did it not burn, it was gentle, took 4 minutes and took ALL the fuzz off easily!!! The product is originally billed for bald heads, I have made another use out of it!!! Since, it was clearance I was worried it would be hard to find so I gooogled it when I got home. It can be found at Walmart for 4 bucks and some change and you can be sure I will be buying a backup!!

Run, grab this, it works. Do you have another favorite to rid your face of fuzz? Do tell!!!

Fuzz free blessings :), Sherry