Thursday, August 13, 2015

I'm learning to wear long wearing felt tip eyeliners!

Hard Candy Felt tip eyeliner in Oh Fudge
Kat Von D Inkliner in Woolf
Kat Von D Lightening Liner in Poe

I actually was getting the Kat Von D in purple to complement my hazel eyes and grabbed the wrong one, however; this is pretty! The Hard Candy in the beautiful brown is softer than a harsh black for my eyes and actually is very pretty on. Now I have been using Urban Decay and Pixi gel liners and love them but as a menopausal and Texas living woman they tend to migrate and my under eye circles look terrible! I was actually a bit scared to try felt tips because they tend to show every little weird line, whereas gel liners can be smudged on the top lash line. When I got Poe (the purple one) it was love at first swatch! The Woolf has just enough green gold and compliments my hazel eyes as well.

I needn't have worried as they were easy to use and stayed frickin put when I used them! I have a new love of felt tip liners. I can still learn and try new things and it feels good to step out of my comfort zone. I still haven't even tried a cat eye flick but am considering getting out of my comfort zone and learning how to do it. Seriously you can teach an old dog new tricks LOL.

Let me know your favorite felt tip liners, would love to know!

Blessings, Sherry