Thursday, August 13, 2015

Eye creams and treatments

I have a serious collection of undereye creams, gels and treatments. I have a genetic disposition to serious dark circles and allergies to boot, so I always apply eye cream morning and night and even during the day when I look dry and creasy. The open jar of Olay CC Eye Brightening cream is what I apply before makeup and let sit while I brush my teeth. It has a peach tint that gives a glow. No coverage but a great layer for later concealing. The Strivectin and Roc are both nighttime retinol products that I apply before bed. These are noticeable in that the dark circles and fine lines look better the more I use them. The Garnier miracle sleeping eye gel is that extra step that helps to work for refreshing under eyes in the morning. I love the feel of this gel! L'Occcitane one is a eye care and mask duo and I alternate nights using this one with the Garnier. Clarins Special Eye Contour balm also is rotated with my morning usage before makeup as it proclaims to "soften fine lines" and is good for dry eyes. The last 2 are natural products that I purchased, Mineral Fusion SPF 16 age defying treatment serum is new to me and will definitely be for morning usage! The DN Unik eye contour serum with hyaluronic is definitely awesome for thirsty under eyes.

Maybe it's an obsession but I will do whatever I can to prevent, soften and hydrate my under eyes and help the dark circles to lessen in time. Besides it feels good to give myself extra pampering and get the bonus of good side effects as well!

What are your favorite eye creams? Let's talk about it in the comments. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

Blessings, Sherry