Wednesday, August 5, 2015

John Freida Sea Waves Salt Spray and Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel

Top hair pic: John Frieda Sea Waves Salt Spray
Bottom hair pic: Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel

SO about 2 weeks ago I decided to chop the hair. A) I'm in hot as heck Texas, B) I am a menopausal woman and C) couldn't deal anymore!! So I put my hair in a ponytail and chopped about 3 inches, THEN I went the week after and had a professional (LOL) layer it up. I have fine thin natural wavy hair and am always on the hunt for products that help get the wave and natural curl happening without weighing down the hair and making it flat and limp.

Well ladies, the pics show exactly how I like to have summer hair! The Salt spray made my hair lay longer and have some pretty natural waves but was easy to do and I love not drying my hair in the summer. That EXTRA heat is NOT a good look for a sweaty menopausal woman!

However, I got a tip from a beautiful purple haired woman at Ulta about the Deva Curl and how to use it and I followed here instructions carefully and this bottom picture doesn't do the whole thing justice but it's gorgeous curls and waves and air dried. This is what I wanted and it worked! For those who are interested she told me to apply the Deva Curl product when my hair was very wet and scrunch it in and let it air dry and dang if it didn't work to a T!

I don't think there will be much variance on my morning routine with my hair, as not only do these products work, they last for my entire 12 hour shift as a nurse. Hair bingo I say.

Have you used either of these? What are your thoughts and what would you recommend? Do tell!

Stay cool ya'll, Sherry