Sunday, April 17, 2016

Ahava Dead Sea Water Mineral Hand Cream

Left to right: cactus & pink pepper, water, mandarin & cedarwood

Hand creams, lotions and potions were so NOT part of my skincare routine for a long time. Then 20 years ago I became a nurse and hand care was priority. I usually grabbed the cheapest, best smelling stuff off the shelves to try to quench the desert dry after washing my hands a zillion times a day AND using antibacterial gel. Guess what? Some cheapies work great, others, waste of money.

In my 30's it became more of a priority to quench, protect and have a product work well and last. Regardless of the price in most cases. I started researching and reading reviews, I asked my co-workers, I went through dozens. I found some that were excellent and some that the price was their only claim to fame.

Ahava was a brand that I became aware of through Ulta several years ago when they started carrying the brand. Because I like exotic and different "flavors" and liked the reviews, I bought a large size cactus & pink pepper tube and fell in love. With the smell, the feel, the quick absorption, the long wear and the ease of purchasing it was a partnership. Well the price was a bit much I thought.

Then I saw the tiny tube trio set at my Ulta and for $10 I could have 3. All would fit in a scrub pocket well and I could have a different "flavor" whenever I wanted. AND, ladies my $3.50 off coupon from Ulta was accepted! Love got deeper I tell ya!

If you are looking for a great hand cream, smells awesome without being overpowering and from a brand that takes the time to really put great ingredients in their products, this is it. Grab the trio from Ulta and try it, you just might have to have one on you and in your purse and and and.......

Have you tried Ahava hand creams? What is your favorite scent? Do tell!!

Blessings, Sherry