Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Duochrome moment Urban Decay, Wet N' Wild and Kat Von D

Swatches corresponding to top picture from left to right:
Urban Decay Lost
Urban Decay Lounge
Urban Decay Backfire
Wet N Wild Comfort Zone palette bottom right

There is such a gorgeous mystery to duochrome shadows. They offer such variations depending on the movement and catching of the light. They look exotic on the eyelid and are just plain fun to wear!

Like a magpie spotting shiny baubles, I gravitate heavily to deep jewel colors and duochromes that just make me pick them up! Sometimes, I use these as accent areas on my eyes and on occasion, yes I use them all over my eyelids!!!!

Then I remembered the two others I have:

Kat Von D Shape Shifter Shadow in (left) love letter (right) on the road

Much to my dismay and then to my giggling self, I noticed that THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE!!! I can definitely see where my favorite colors are and the shifts in duochromes that speak my name. Sigh. I really really thought that I had such a great collection of different duochrome shadows, yeah right!

So I will have to remind myself that I need no more duochrome colors in purple, green or brown because my stock is stocked LOL.

No matter, with the sun shining and faces becoming more glowy and bronzy, my colors will have fun in the sunlight. Do you have some fav duochromes that you just love to use? Do tell!

Blessings, Sherry