Saturday, August 27, 2016

My Favorite Bloggers and YouTubers

I can honestly say that I am addicted to YouTube, Snapchat and Bloglovin. Mainly because I love learning about new products as well as learning things from these women about how to blog and snap! So I am going to list my top faves and why they rock my addiction!  Tracy just plain rocks. Her blog is thorough, honest, funny and downright awesome. I can seriously not get enough and wait with bated breath for the next post lol! Visit her blog ya'll, she won't disappoint. Elle has awesome reviews, tutorials and beauty information. But the thing I love about her blog too is the DIY's that she has taught me. They are awesome!!! Lauren has a beautiful and very professional blog. Her photos are top notch and I love reading this well though out blog. Seriously, check her out! emilynoel83  Emily is another straight up honest, informative and has a sweet personality! She has both a blog and YouTube channel. Go check her out! is known far and wide. That doesn't stop me from obsessively checking her YouTube channel out because you just never know what she will throw out there. Her personality is incredible and she has a positivity about her that shines. The skincare Queen!! I learn so much from her blog and YouTube. If I have a question she 99% of the time educates me on the whys, hows and how to's!

reddelicious is my favorite Australian YouTuber. Not only is she an intelligent, beautiful red head, she has a sweet personality. Seriously a great channel, you won't be disappointed.

zabrena is another beautiful redhead on YouTube and she is awesome. Informative, intelligent and funny. Her Frugal Fridays are a huge hit! Check her out.

lizwilliams has a sweet YouTube channel that chronicles lots of beauty, lifestyle, family and fun stuff. I love her reviews and her sweet personality.

vickieisenstein has the funniest channel. She mixes beauty, lifestyle, comedy and lots more. If you need a pick me up watch her Lunch Crunch series!!

uppiesbeads59 for those of us that are "mature aging" this lady and her channel makes it easy to work with what we have and still look good over 40!

ginamber is a European transplant and is funny! She does reviews, tutorials and general life. She seriously makes me laugh! Check her out!!! Laura Lee is funny, informative and has great tutorials on her YouTube channel. Her husband is in many of her antics and is awesome.

These are a few of my favorites. Who do you love and why? Do share :)

Blessings, Sherry