Saturday, August 13, 2016

Almay Foundations-my thoughts

Almay Smart Shade  makeup
Almay Age Essentials makeup
Both have SPF 15

Back in the day, I remember using the original Almay Smart shade foundation and loving it. Now they have several iterations including one for acne, regular and one for aging. Along with that a new base has come out that focuses on aging. So, me aging, me get one for aging LOL!

The Smart Shade comes out white, thin and very little fragrance. The Smart shade conforms to your own skin and gives you a beautiful finish that matches well (IMO). It has light to medium coverage, covers my redness and hyperpigmentation well for an easy face for regular running around. I like that it has SPF but still use sunscreen under my bases. Almay is a brand that is conscious about hypoallergenic, pure and great ingredients. I love this quick, easy and beautiful product.

The Age Essentials foundation is thicker, very little fragrance, medium to full coverage and chock full of ingredients that are good for your skin. I never have been one for full coverage bases and this blends out with a damp sponge well. This base allows me to have a great makeup for those times I need a bit more. As a side note, this base also has a bit of radiance to it that I wasn't expecting (no I wasn't having a hot flash at the time:).

Both of these are available at Target, Walmart, CVS and Walgreens. I'm sure it is at Ulta as well. I am impressed with these bases and pleased that they work so well for me. I have always loved Almay products and saw that they had Age Essentials concealer as well!! Go check it out for yourself, I think you will be pleased.

Have you tried either of these? PS: Tati Westbrook did a video on this product and color me impressed!

Blessings, Sherry