Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Written Note in a Digital World

This is going to sound so frickin old LOL!  We are a people and generation of internet: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr etc. We are the instant gratification generation and it usually works that way because internet has allowed us that "now". Nothing whatsoever wrong with the speed and efficacy of the internet, I would be lost without it!

The story starts with me sending some random cards/letters out via snail mail to some friends and family. I got shocked reactions because nobody writes letters or really sends postcards anymore. This led to a discussion about how there are people who have their day made if they receive a card or letter in the mail.

I have some really pretty stationary, some gorgeous cards and plenty of envelopes that just sit in my office. So I challenged myself to get them out, pick a card and pick a person and send away. Something funny, encouraging, commiserating, praising and just letting that person know what they mean to me and how they have done great in their lives. Simple right?

My mailbox only gets circulars, a couple of bills (as I pay most online) and packages. I can't remember the last time (other than Christmas) that I received a letter/card from my family or friends! But do you remember when you did get snail mail? How it made you feel?

I even think that Thank you cards aren't sent anymore because of email and texting. So I am making an effort to use those stationary and stamps that have been sitting around and brighten someone up with a little snail mail.

Have you written off writing in this digital world? Do you have stationary that makes you happy? I challenge you to drop someone a letter or card and watch the love and positivity!

Blessings, Sherry