Friday, July 8, 2016

Lip plumpers for mature lips!

NYX pump it up lip plumper
BITE Beauty Cinnamon Plumping Lip Oil
Physicians Formula Plump Potion
Soap & Glory sexy Mother Pucker
Soap & Glory sexy Mother Pucker Extreme Plump

Ya'll I have a set of "mature" lips, I ain't gonna lie! About 6 months ago I shopped my stash and found that I had some neglected lip plumpers and an idea was born.

Normally when I do my makeup for the day, I put on a balm or other lip product to "percolate" while I am doing my face. Enter lip plumpers. I started using these as my lip product to get my lips ready for the day and boy has it made a difference!

Now I will tell you straight up that lip plumpers sting is my jam. No I am not a masochist, I just think that they are working better LOL.  Back in the day DuWop lip plumpers were all the rage (hey I think I have one still!) and they stung let me tell ya. These are more on the DL and not as painful, but they work to even out the wrinkly lips and subtly plump them up before I put on my lippie of choice for the day.

So now it's straight up routine every time I get my face ready and it works. So, the lip plumpers are in rotation and I think it will remain in rotation!

What ae ya'lls lip plumper favs? Horror stories? Do tell!

Blessings, Sherry