Thursday, July 7, 2016

Oils for cleansing- The Saga

Nuance Marigold Oil Cleansing Facial Oil
Holistix Lite Oil Treatment-Argan
Physicians Formula Argan Oil
Marula Foaming Cleansing Oil
Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil

The older and drier I get, the more I use oils in the majority of my skincare and bodycare. I especially like to first cleanse with an oil. Oils are definitely having their moment in the spotlight. You can get many at all different pricepoints and from a scad of brands. I found that getting sunscreen off my face requires an oil to get it completely off my skin!

The first one (you can tell it's much loved) Nuance roped me in when I was looking for an oil to cleanse my face. I was at CVS and these products were intriguing. Now this oil is definitely my favorite to use for first cleanse and works well without leaving me greasy. I just found out today after much research that CVS doesn't carry this anymore. NNNNNOOOOOO. You can purchase this on Amazon I found. But never fear, there are plenty of oils to use for cleansing!

The next 2 are not sold as cleansing oils; however, I use them that way.

The Holistix I purchased at Whole Foods and being that it is Lite I don't feel like a grease slick after using this product. It also is very nourishing. It can be found on Amazon for around $16.

Physicians Formula has topped the game with many of their products including Argan oil, cosmetics and skincare items. This one is great as an off label cleanser, but works especially well for dry skin!

The Marula Foaming Cleanser I received in one of the Sephora Favorites kits and fell in loooovvveee. Then I found out Sephora doesn't carry it anymore!!!! The Marula website sells them for $34 for a big bottle. Not sure I want to pay that much :(

Josie Maran is famous for her Argan oil line and has the regular and light versions of this product. I have one bottle of the light and this sample size in regular. I have to use these sparingly to clean as they are seriously potent and can leave me greasy in a heartbeat. However, a little goes a long way!

Winter time, the oils just have a multi purpose use and they feel so nourishing. In the Texas summer, these are only used for cleansing and dry knees, heels and elbows.

Do you have favorite cleansing oils? Any you recommend? Do tell!

Blessings, Sherry