Monday, July 25, 2016

Milani Everyday Eye Palettes

Milani Everyday Eyes in left: Earthy Elements, right: Bare Necessities
Swatches: Top: Bare Necessities
                  Bottom: Earthy Elements

I grabbed these palettes from my local Walgreens because they looked just like what I would wear in the spring and summer months. They are nudish (?) and basic and right up my alley. They each have mattes included as follows: in Earthly Elements the 2nd and 3rd from the left respectively and the second from left in Bare Necessities (ok I CANNOT get out the Jungle Book song outta my head now!)

There is plenty of shimmer in the other colors but not disco ball shimmer and not enough to run my older eyelids away from using them. There is a fair amount of fallout/powdery kickup and several of the colors have to be built up to get it to show on the eyelids. But, overall I am pleased with these easy to use and very well thought out palettes. I am also one of those that love having the instructions on the back that gives me ideas on how to place on my eye. Adventurous much Sherry?

I didn't need another palette, absolutely not. But hey, these are compact, lid closes tightly and great size for traveling. They carry everything I would need for a complete eye and a couple of shades that could be put to use as blush and highlighter. I adore multitasking products. So there you have it. They came out as a big deal and I think they are a big deal.

Now I have to play with that orange/burnt sienna one in the Earthly Elements. Because ya'll that is outta my comfort zone LOL.

PS: The brushes included are rather good, surprised :)

Blessings, Sherry