Friday, August 1, 2014

Shiseido Sunscreen Products

Shiseido Urban Environment Tinted UV Protection SPF 43

A long name to be sure! Because Texas heat has been in the 100's and even small amounts of being outside can be dangerous, as well as I have sunspots to the left side of my face, I am super careful with my sunscreen. Shiseido has proven to have some really awesome product that I use daily. The tinted protection is a great base for my face and allows me to use less foundation. It is smooth, easy to blend and matches my skintone very well. I find a little concealer and a dab of foundation gives me a long lasting face for my 12 hour shifts. On it's own it works well for a sheer weekend face and a slap dash application is easy and I am out the door!

I have posted about Shiseido products before and was in Dillard's browsing and saw this and was impressed with the in store swatch. As a woman who tanned to within an inch of her life, I decided that the leathery look was seriously ugly (in my opinion ladies). I am okay today with a light tan and healthy looking skin. If you haven't checked out Shiseido products, take a gander at your local Dillards and check out their sun products. I believe you will be impressed! I really love the tinted sunscreen look as it doesn't leave a white cast to the face and works well with other products.

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