Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cover FX

My foundation and base quest continues. I have read about Cover FX on many blogs, reviews and Sephora website. I had a sample of their primer and loved it! So I decided that their base would be something I would like to try. I swatched it in Sephora and loved how it felt on my hand. I also found out that it works really well for normal to dry skin, although I have heard that oily skinned ladies love it even more.

The first time I wore it, I felt it was drying on my skin even as it smoothed on well and blended out superbly. The second time I wore it I was ambivalent. I have grown to love it and it is easy and quick to apply in the morning on my way to work. The older I get the more I want sheer and natural skin looking bases and not mask like looks. So far this has proven to be a medium to full coverage and I can sheer it out quite well. It has some impressive lasting power and that says a lot for someone who works 12 hour shifts!

Overall ladies, I am impressed with Cover FX. I am not sure I will repurchase but am glad that I tried it and was able to put it to the test. Ladies have you tried Cover FX? What are your thoughts? Do you have tips on how to wear it? Do tell! Sherry