Thursday, August 7, 2014

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain

Top Clockwise stains/top to bottom swatches:
Milan Moment
Miami Fever
Shanghai Sizzle
Rio Rush
Stockholm Chic
Barcelona Nights

Ok, so everybody and their mother has talked about these stains and being the lippie addict I am, I had to purchase these! From way back when, I have never been able to keep lippies on, no matter what. The new generation of stains do stay a little longer on me and makes me happy! So when I purchased the Milani gel eyeshadows I grabbed these as well. I am really impressed. They stay on me 4 hours and for me that is a long time. The colors are vibrant, bright and that is my preference. I am so not a nude lip girl :). You can purchase these multiple places for $7.99 and I purchased mine at CVS. I do know they go fast and ladies snatch them up!

As far as the wear, let's talk about how they have a tendency to not go on smoothly, they are quite clumpy. You must smooth them out with a lip brush or your finger! They do look really pretty when they are smoothed on and they wear about 2 hours on me, leaving behind quite a pretty stain of color. The square packaging is really easy to find in a purse or pocket and overall they are not really drying to me. I am also one who places a lip treatment on when I am preparing my face so my lips will be ready for lippie wear!
The new generation of lippies that are a smooth mix between gloss, stain and lipstick are quite a treat and the colors are perfect for all year round!

The internet is inundated with reviews of these and I had to put my 2 cents worth. So ladies, tell me have you tried these? What are your thoughts? Do tell! Sherry