Thursday, August 28, 2014

Night View Glasses-Migraine Essentials

Oh the as seen on tv offerings! Yes I succumbed, primarily because I suffer from severe migraines and bright flashing lights are a bane to my existence and a number one trigger. I decided while browsing the aisles of CVS waiting on my prescriptions, that it would be worth it to try these. At $9.99 it was going to be hit or miss and if they worked then the 10 bucks was worth it! So off to the register I went, I had them for a week before I remembered I bought them and put them in a glasses case and put them in the car and promptly forgot again.

One night on the way home from work I was squinting and put on my sunglasses to cut the glare. It then occurred to me that I had the night vision glasses. I put them on and wow what a difference they made! Yes I felt like I looked like a goober wearing them, but decided then and there that goober was better than migraine hell. Ladies, these work. I was able to drive home without squinting or avoiding bright billboards, emergency vehicle lights and those dang halogen headlights that make me cringe.

If you suffer from migraines or eyestrain and twilight or evening hours make you dread your drive, grab you a pair of these and see if you don't love them! Now I am never without these on as I navigate the night driving and really what price is worth (or looking like a goober) the ability to see clearer and prevent migraine hell. Priceless in my book.

I know this post is off the normal topics I usually post but one I felt I wanted to share! Have a good one ladies :) Sherry