Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hourglass Ambient Powder Palette

Swatch Top to bottom:
Dim Light
Incandescent Light
Radiant Light

Oh my goodness, this palette is frickin awesome! I am so glad that Hourglass made this permanent. I had Dim Light when they first came out, but am ecstatic to have multiple finishing powders. From the moment you open the box and get a good look at this product, it's just a classy experience. Hourglass knows how to make a great product by simple yet elegant packaging. It has a slim line feel as well as a huge inner mirror. The powders themselves are very finely milled and the above swatches are heavily placed in order to capture them on film.

There are so many ways to use these powders, highlighting, contouring and as a face finisher. These multitasking powders are incredible and have a place in my handbag. They can tend to look a bit crepey if applied with too heavy of a hand but you only need a little to make a beautiful statement on your face.

They are available from Sephora so grab them while you can girls! I know lots of women are ecstatic that this product is not an LE as previously we were told. Have you tried any of the Ambient Powders? What are your thoughts? Do tell! Sherry