Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bliss triple oxygen facial in a box

There is nothing better to me than to take super good care of my skin. Its the canvas for my makeup application and when it is doing well, the makeup just works! Bliss products are at Ulta and I have passed by them numerous times and this time I saw the "try it" box. For $12 it contains 2 facials. There are 3 products to complete the facial and after reading the instructions, it really is quick to use!

The box states, "Known for helping our busy clientele get their spa fix in a flash, our Quickbliss spa services are available to take on the road. Featuring the very same formulas used in our top treatments, our facial in a box allow you to indulge in our world famous spa sessions from the comfort of your home-in mere minutes."

I did the facial and it was 10 minutes total! The oxygen mask felt cool and tickled as the oxygen worked on my face. When rinsed it felt clean and bright. The second part which is a peel wasn't harsh and you don't rinse it off and it definitely felt tight but not uncomfortably so. The final part was the triple oxygen glow moisturizer and just finished up the facial very well. It made my face feel refreshed, cool and plumped. I liked the ease of use, the feel of the products and how it felt afterwards. I will definitely look forward to using the second set in a week and will definitely repurchase.

Ladies if you are looking for a quick and easy facial, I would highly recommend this one by Bliss. I will now be doing some more research into their other products! Skincare is the basis of great makeup (IMO) and this one isn't harsh. So onward and outward! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by the blog :) Sherry