Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The new Stila palettes are to die for!

Stila eyes are the windows Shadow Palette- MIND

I do NOT need another palette girls! But this one was calling my name LOUD :). It has a lot of matte shadows (necessary for older hooded lids IMO). There are a few that have minimal shimmer and work really well to lighten up my eyes. I have a challenge to myself to use a different lipstick a day, different eyeshadow a day and different blush a day. Primarily because I am in a rut and also because I have so many products that languish in my makeup case!

Stila has always been a brand that I love and this is no different. The shadows are: (L column top to bottom to R) Brilliance, Imagination, Genius, Understanding. Middle column: Instinct, Observation, Will, Perception. Last column: Reason, Thinker, Creativity, Intellect.

I love these names as they are in line with the Mind. They are buttery smooth, last all day (with primer) and have some great pigmentation. The other 3 in the launch have some serious shine and shimmer (read glitter) and although beautiful are not for me. I am pleased and excited about this palette and can't wait to dive into looks to wear. Yeppers, I feel the price is worth it and am not sure if these are LE or not. So grab 'em while you can ladies! They are available at Ulta and Sephora while they are available!~ Sherry