Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Magazines are like school work!

I love to browse magazines. Not just beauty and fashion magazines, but craft, jewelry, home and book magazines as well. In the past I would read them and then pass them along, either to doctors waiting rooms, senior centers, friends and family. Then I would remember an article or ad and not remember where I saw it and wish that I had at least written it down. Now I have a flex folder that I keep articles, ads, recipes, how to's and fashion ideas. It makes it so easy to dip into my folder when an idea strikes me or I need to make something different for dinner or I would really like to know how to wear those cute booties I just bought. Yes, it feels a little like homework but fun homework! I don't have a stack of magazines in the way, yet the information that I want is right at my fingertips. I do go through the file about once a month and clean out and reorganize, giving me another look at some cool ideas and outfits.

Do you keep magazine articles? Files or a computer folder?

On an end note, the older I have gotten and a little bit wiser, I know that the images in the glossies are not at all what "real women" look like on the whole. We are all different sizes, shapes, colors and styles. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to dress or look I have found. It has become so liberating to own who I am and how I am and love me for me, all the quirks and idiosyncrasies. How fun today it is to play with the makeup and clothing and walk out the door feeling confident inside. I may not fit someone's ideal but it is mine today.

Remember girls, we are awesome, unique, beautiful creatures! Smile, it's all you!!! Sherry