Monday, October 28, 2013

Seriously, we do it all!!!

Do you ever feel like that you have to do it all, no matter what? So many people rely on me and yet sometimes I feel like I am going to drop one of the many balls that I am juggling! I wear many hats, wife, mother, nurse, daughter, aunt etc. and each of these hats requires so much sometimes. I have my faith, some downtime that I relish (I am a voracious reader)and I attempt to take good care of my body as well as my mind. It takes so much out of me and I have to remind myself that when it feels like it is too much it usually means I need to step back and let others handle things for awhile. It isn't necessary for my sanity to be harmed! This time of the year is especially hard as the holiday season is upon us and there is so much to do, parties to plan and attend, gifts and the list seems endless! What will you do this year to take care of you and allow others to help? Good food for thought!