Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I feel like Alice in Wonderland!

I have 3 very tech savvy sons who are nowhere near when I need them to try and figure out this seeming puzzle like setup to a blog! However, let me tell ya'll I am doing my dangdest to figure this out and learn the best I can to give everyone the best little blog that I aspire to be :).

Seriously, I am learning daily and getting some interesting on the job training!

So keep checking back here and watch the progress, I promise it will be a doozy.

I have several reviews and some beautiful products that I know you will be excited about. Stay tuned, it may be a bumpy ride at first, but smooth sailing is ahead!!!

And as always my beautiful ladies, all my opinions are my own and not paid for, Anything I receive for review will be well stated, otherwise it's all on my own dime!!!

Have a beautiful rest, Gypsynurse Sherry