Friday, February 19, 2016

La Prairie Anti-Aging Hydra Tint SPF 20

I have a love for bases and am constantly on the lookout for ones especially for "mature" faces. This tinted moisturizer is a very expensive option and when I found it for $40 on Ebay I jumped on the chance to try it out. I could not see myself spending $100 for it, yet was able to get this new and un-opened. Several days passed before I could actually try this and a quick around the house day was perfect for reviewing. In the interest of full disclosure, I have a combo leaning to dry face and especially wicked allergies going on this time of year. I am in full menopause (or mentalpause as my husband refers to it)!

We all are aware if you have been using beauty products for any time at all that expensive doesn't always mean good, as there are some drugstore brands out that work very well! First is the futuristic silver packaging of the container with a tube opening to squeeze out some of the product. Very cool looking indeed. It proclaims to have anti-aging ingredients along with some cool herbal remedies that have been shown to help with the aging face. SPF 20 is also included and seems to be the primary use for this TM. Although at age 50 around the corner, I look for these things often in my skincare and makeup. The lotion is thick and very dry to apply (for me) and I am glad that I had moisturized well before this. I applied the product with my fingers and it blended well and covered most of my redness and faint discolorations. It did not cover my sunspots on my left cheek and chin. It set fairly quickly and I did not wear any setting powder or other makeup as I wanted to see how it wore why thoroughly scrubbing the house AND having hot flashes!!

My skin looked fresh and evened out and felt a bit sticky for about an hour. It was a natural looking base and was MSBB. Around 5 hours in, it started to slide a bit and disappear around my nose (again wicked allergies) and it also got all over my cell phone screen. Probably setting it with powder would have helped to remedy that situation. At 8 hours in (remember I am scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen etc and having hot flashes) it still held pretty well and my face still looked covered and MSBB with some minimal slippage. When I washed my face, there was still plenty of product that came off.

All in all I loved how it looked and wore. It is definitely a product I need to moisturize well with and set with powder and /or setting spray. I feel it would make a great summer base because of the great SPF and coverage.

It didn't wow me enough to re-purchase at full price as there are several drugstore and brand TM's that I adore and perform much better. Has anyone tried this? what are your thoughts on this product?

Hope you are blessed and safe in this very weird winter season we are having, Sherry